Gold Excellence Award and Factory Excellence Expert Award

We were delighted to receive Andreas Schlechter and Giuliano Caglio as guests at the Washington Factory to present two awards to the Washington team.

The factory was presented with the Gold Excellence Award and Howard Beadnell was presented with the Factory Excellence Expert Certificate.

In our Factory Excellence programme the main target is to improve the performance of Schiedel plants throughout Europe and the programme runs on the basis of three pillars:

  1. Satisfy our customers
  2. Develop our people
  3. Reduce costs.

All achieved by the Schiedel team in the UK.

The Factory Excellence Expert Certificate is an individual award that Howard Beadnell obtained by a written exam, design of a Project Charter and also successful completion of the Factory Excellence Project.

Another sign that Schiedel in the UK are constantly working to improve and maximise efficiency.