Health & Safety Milestone

We’re delighted to have reached a significant Health & Safety milestone in the Schiedel Washington plant.

We have crossed over the 3000 day line without a lost time accident, which is a fantastic achievement.

The last time there was an accident:

  • Gordon Brown was British Prime Minister
  • Manchester United had just lost 2-0 to FC Barcelona in the European Cup Final
  • Disney’s “Up” was released.
  • Microsoft had just released Windows 7.
  • “Boom Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas was top of the charts.
  • The Nokia 5230 was the top selling phone at 159 million (iPhone 3GS was second with 35 million sold).

The employees’ participation in the Safety Observation Awareness Program (SOAP) process over the years has been a major contributory factor in this result, along with all the hard work on the risk assessments and SOP’s.

Schiedel have a very positive Health & Safety culture in the business, which can clearly be seen everyday when the work force conduct themselves, which was recognised recently, when the plant was awarded World Class status

The World Class Awards are Braas Monier’s way of rewarding innovation and efficiency within all the Braas Monier plants throughout the world.

Once again, it shows the consistent quality Schiedel have shown, from their dedicated employees, reliable products and positive Health & Safety culture.