ICS 5000 installed at RBS Leicester

A recent project was completed with Dale Power Solutions, which also involved using a 38 metre length truck mounted MEWP to stretch to the work area.

The installation was of an ICS 5000 flue

ICS 5000 is a twin wall flue manufactured with a stainless steel liner and stainless steel case. It is insulated with a 25mm thick high-density super wool blanket and is designed to accommodate pressures up to 5000pa.

  • Continuous Firing Temp: – 540° C
  • Short Firing Temp: – 760° C
  • Pressure Capabilities: – 5000Pa
  • Fire Rating: – 4hrs to BS476 Part 20
  • Thermal Shock: – 1100°C
  • Ave. Thermal Resistance (200°C):- 0.508m² K/w

A Uni-strut framework was installed on the fire escape steel around the stair case. This was to support the exhaust flue riser. The framework clamped to the steel work, and cantilever arms passed through at the opens sections of the surround. These open sections were covered in bird mesh.

The flue terminated in an OPEN terminal, approximately 1- 2m above the roof of the fire escape staircase.

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