Augmented Reality Outdoor Garden Fireplace Designer

See how the Garden Fireplace looks in your outdoor area before you buy!

Simply point and see – it’s as simple as that with our new AR Outdoor Fireplace Designer. You can see what our best selling Garden Fireplace looks like in your outdoor area to allow you use your imagination when designing your garden. The great thing about this app is that it gives you options to see the Garden Fireplace in different colours and styles.*

You simply scan an area with your phone and place the fireplace there. You can change the colour to match your ideal design and add stencil patterns to it. It is also possible to add and remove log stores and make it higher with additional blocks within the app. You can then walk up and around it and take a screenshot to record different ideas.

Once you are happy with the choice, you can find out pricing and delivery details (all pricing is including VAT and delivery to mainland UK – but drop us a message for other locations).

As a landscape designer or a homeowner, the idea behind a design and how it was created can be just as exciting as seeing the actual structures in a completed landscape design. Having a garden feature formed from natural volcanic pumice, from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland, gives this focal point a unique place amongst the many great ideas used in landscape design.

Traditional outdoor fireplaces tend to be brick or concrete built, which causes problems over time as they can crack when exposed to heat. The Schiedel Garden Fireplace, as it’s formed from insulated volcanic pumice blocks, means that there’s extremely low heat transfer, therefore no cracking or damage, plus the bonus of being a very safe outdoor fireplace.

*Please note that the basic render with the fireplace is white when cured. All painting and stencil work is to be done by the owner. The designs in the app are there to give you an idea of what is possible.

The app is available as a Google Play app and can be downloaded from the store.

The recommended specs is for a device running Android 7.0 and up – supported devices

The app is also available for Apple devices running iOS.

The minimum specs for an Apple device are iOS 11 and up (device list – note that this doesn’t list the new iPhone 12s but they will also be supported)

Amazing app! Really lets you see how the fireplace looks before choosing the model best suited to the garden.

How do I order this?

The Schiedel Garden Fireplace is available from many online retailers. You can call us on 01202 861650 to order directly.

How is it delivered?

It tends to be delivered on two or more pallets. Any optional extras mean that more than two pallets could be required, but we attempt to fit everything safely onto two pallets. The 500 model without log stores comes on one pallet.

How long does it take to install?

Not that long. Putting the blocks together can take less than an hour. The video guide on the main screen in this app shows you an example of the blocks coming together.

How many people are needed to install?

Ideally you need two people. The blocks are not too heavy as pumice is lightweight in comparison to other blocks.

What base do I put it on?

It must be a sturdy base; concrete or other. Wood is not recommended as it might deteriorate over time.

What distance to combustible material?

This can be pushed close to any material such as a wood fence. We would always recommend a small gap.

Do I need the rain cap?

This is not necessary. Everything you need comes with every standard pack. A rain cap is just an optional extra.

Do I need the grill?

We have the grill included with the 500 model, but we don’t provide the option for the 950 or 1200 model. You could purchase your own standalone grill for these models.

Can I use any type of render?

We recommend using the one supplied, but traditional render could be used.

What paint can I use?

Exterior paint is required. There may be a small warm heat, so the paint is recommended to be reasonably heat resistant. Also, as an outdoor product, any paint is susceptible to weather damage, so choose only the high-quality outdoor paint if patterning or designing on it.

Can I extend the chimney height?

Yes, you can add blocks which are available as optional extras.

Which of the glue / bags is used for what.

We have clear pictures in the instructions showing which bag of product is used for what.

When choosing a stove, we recommend those which are listed on the clearSkies scheme, which only approve stoves with the highest energy rating.

What do I use to point in the firebricks?

Use a trowel to point in and a damp cloth to wipe away excess.

Do we do an install service?

We don’t but you just need a competent person to put this together and someone skilled in plastering to render if you need a smooth finish.

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