Updating boiler systems with a view to Net Zero.

UK Building Regulations for England were recently changed in view to achieving the governments “net zero” target. This now refers to individual buildings and applies to all plans submitted after 15 June 2022,

The relevant section: Part L, involves the updating of boiler systems, in that older oil and coal boilers are to be updated to more efficient natural gas boilers. In most cases non-condensing boilers will not meet the requirements and cannot be installed in new buildings.

The key points are:

  • If the replacement employs a different fuel, it should not produce more CO2 emissions per kWh of heat than the appliance being replaced.
  • The requirement is also for time and temperature controls as a bare minimum of a new heating appliance when installed in an existing building.
  • This also means that flue types suitable for a condensing boiler are required.
  • Flue material needs to be corrosion resistant.
  • As non-condensing equipment is replaced, it will be very unlikely that the existing flue equipment and termination positions can be used with the new condensing replacement.
  • All parts of the system, including pipework and emitters, should be sized to allow the space heating system to operate effectively, and in a manner that meets the heating needs of the building, at a maximum flow temperature of 55°C or lower.
  • Condensate removal will require a suitable drainage point. Also lower level generator rooms (such as basement / cellar) may need pump removal systems.

We can provide drawings and advice if you have non-condensing plant room which needs upgrading. Please get in touch with us regarding the flue system.

Schiedel supply a a modular twin wall insulated flue/chimney system which is corrosion resistant.

The Metaloterm® MF system is a modular twin wall insulated flue/chimney system, made of stainless steel, with a sealing ring.

Metaloterm® MF is a universal flue/chimney system which is suitable for both high and low temperatures, non-condensing and condensing applications with flue gasses in positive and negative pressure.

It can resist a chimney fire. Therefore the system is suited for a wide range of applications such as boilers, stoves and ovens.

The product range also contains a wide variety of silencers. For Passive houses the Metaloterm assortment provides the Iso-block which can be combined with MF. The system can also be used for CHP applications, in this case a special VITON® sealing ring might be necessary.

Due to the proven quality Metaloterm® MF has a 10 year guarantee.

  • Universal chimney/flue system
  • Inner- and outer wall from high quality stainless steel
  • No terminal bridges, uninterrupted insulation from base plate to top stub
  • Stress free thermal expansion
  • Fast-build system without the need of sealants
  • Compatible with system Metaloterm® ME, UE and EN
  • High density and high quality insulation
  • High-temperature silicone sealing ring
  • Lightweight elements
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Chimney fire resistant


940003694 Schiedel MF Brochure

940003694 Schiedel MF Brochure

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Schiedel ME Brochure

Schiedel ME Brochure

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Technical data

Application Chimney / exhaust pipe
Mode of operation Dry / Wet
Pressure Negative / positive pressure
Operating pressure 5000 Pa
Operating temperature 600 ° C (P) 200 ° C (P / H)
Short-term temperature 600 ° C (P) 200 ° C (P / H)
Fuel Oil/wood/coal/pellets normal(wood)/gas
Sealant Before installation, remove the cover and door seals.
Inner shell
Material AISI 316L / EN 1.4404
Wall thickness up to Ø250: 0.4 mm from Ø300: 0.5 mm from Ø450: 0.6 mm
Outer shell
Material AISI 304 / EN 1.4301
Wall thickness Ø100 – Ø400: 0.5 mm Ø450 – Ø700: 0.6 mm Ø800 – Ø1000: 0.8 mm
Thermal insulation
Type mineral wool
insulation thickness Ø100 – Ø400: 25 mm Ø450 – Ø600: 37.5 mm Ø700 – Ø1000: 50 mm


Name Lacquer Type Code
Olive black Matt Soft touch Powder coating not heat resistant (up to 300 ° C) Cewetherm 300
Black grey Matte Powder coating not heat resistant (up to 300 ° C) Ral 7021

Other colors on request:

  • RAL Code
  • Powder coating | Nasslack
  • Shiny | Semi-gloss | Matt