Exhaust Flue for Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park

Schiedel recently completed the exhaust flue for Milton Keynes Recovery Park, which was designed by Amey, working in partnership with Milton Keynes Council to design, build and operate the state-of-the-art facility to treat general household waste from across the borough.

Schiedel supplied the ICS 5000 flue, which is a twin wall flue with a stainless steel liner and stainless steel case. It is insulated with a 50mm thick high-density superwool blanket and is designed to accommodate pressures up to 5000pa.

The project saw Schiedel supply and install the flue, which ran horizontally off the generator, before turning through 90°, including drain point, and rising vertically with a 30° offset for approximately 22m to termination.

The project formed a part of the Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park, which comprises technologies such as a mechanical treatment system, which will sort the waste, extracting at least 9% for recycling. Also, food and biodegradable items will be extracted and processed in a fully enclosed anaerobic digester to generate renewable energy. The remaining non-recyclable and non-compostable material will be fuel for an Advanced Thermal Treatment plant. This transforms the material into a combustible gas, to generate steam and subsequently electricity in a turbine.

This will cut the amount of rubbish sent to landfill to around 3%.

This is yet another major project, working with the renowned company, Amey, who have 100 years experience, and have a team of 20,000 across four continents, supplying consulting and infrastructure support. This shows that such renowned and established companies have confidence in Schiedel’s range of commercial products.

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