Exhaust Flues for a Zurich Data Centre

Equinix Data Centre drawingAn interesting project was for Equinix, who provide high secure data centres throughout the world.

The project we were involved in was in Zurich, which is renowned for its financial services sector, as well as being regarded as the economic, scientific, and social centre of Switzerland. Equinix has five ISO-certified Equinix IBX® data centres in Zurich

Our task was to supply the parts, but then to help the customer assemble the two exhaust runs. Our detailed instructions, plus the ease of construction, which applies to this project as well as any others involving our easy to use components, made it straightforward and another success for Schiedel Chimney Systems.

The customer was supplied with our HP 5000, which is a twin wall flue manufactured with a 0.6mm/1mm thick 316-grade stainless steel liner and 304-grade stainless steel case. It is insulated with a 25mm/50mm thick high-density superwool blanket and is designed to operate under pressure up to 5000Pa (European Standard Designation H1). Operating with a continuous flue gas temperature up to 600 °C (European Standard Designation T600). The system is also tested for thermal shock at 1000 °C.

The end result saw a stunning installation which is another reason why companies and contractors, as well as architects, all choose Schiedel Chimney Systems, as the products are adaptable, reliable and recommended for all the major commercial installations.

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