Homebuilding & Renovating Show SEC Glasgow

We had a great time exhibiting at the Homebuilding and Renovating show, which took place from the 20th – 21st May, at the SEC in Glasgow. We are the market leading manufacturer of energy-efficient chimney systems, and were celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We showcased a range of sophisticated products, including Magnum Firechests and pumice liners, designed to ramp up the efficiency of open fires to between 41% to 45%, ideal for the sympathetic renovation of historic buildings.

Fire chests: The Magnum Firechests provide a simple and versatile solution for creating an open fire. On display will be Schiedel Isokern’s 950 firechest, cast using lightweight, highly insulating pumice designed to maximize the efficiency when burning wood in an open fire environment

Pumice liner: Highly insulated for better draught with minimum heat loss, the pumice liner system comes in a range of 15 diameters, ideal for new build as well as relining existing masonry chimneys. Suitable for solid fuel, wood, oil and gas.

Ignis Protect: Ignis Protect is Schiedel’s award-winning wall pass thru’ systems, designed specifically for air tight, energy efficient and timber framed buildings. Suitable for SW and DW connecting flue pipes, Ignis Protect is available in both 90° and 45° versions.

Double Module (DM) chimney system: Quick and easy to install, Schiedel’s DM chimney system provides maximum insulation. Built from lightweight blocks, the outer and inner layers are installed at the same time, with a double layer of pumice, separated by an air gap to maximize chimney insulation.

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show is one the biggest event of its kind in the UK, providing face-to-face advice and must-see masterclasses, ideal for anyone involved or interested in self-build projects.

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