HP5000 Flue at Mariner Leisure Centre

A project at the Mariner Leisure Centre, which is located not too far from the impressive Falkirk Wheel in Falkirk for our client, SSE, was to to supply, deliver and install a HP 5000 250mmID/350mmOD flue  (50 cav) off  a Capstone C65 CHP a gas turbine one.

It then rose vertically before turning 87° to run at 3° to the horizontal, with a 90° bend, for approximately 5 metres to connect into a HP 5000 250mmID/300mmOD (25 Cav) drained tee and then rising vertically for approximately 9m to termination.

HP 5000 has an extensive range of twin and single wall components with 25mm and 50mm cavity insulation, giving it the versatility required to meet the widest range of applications. It can be used internally and externally.

The multifunctional overpressure exhaust system HP 5000 made of stainless steel is the perfect solution when it comes to over- and/or under pressures of up to 5000 Pascal and high or low exhaust gas temperatures.

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