Inspiration from Lynne Lambourne – A Garden Fireplace project.

A natural, sustainable fireplace.

Lynne, Channel 4’s Grand Designs Live Interior Designer of the Year in 2019, is a warrior on waste; being passionate about inspiring people to live more sustainably in a home that looks fantastic, doesn’t cost the earth (literally) and that you love. Lynne’s home has become a showcase for her sourcing, upcycling, styling and thrifting skills and is used as a shoot location on regular occasions.

As the designer of a garden at this year’s Ideal Home Show for the second year running (paused by Covid, but to be renewed in 2021) based on sustainability and ‘growing your own’, as well as being an adviser on sustainability at the show, meant that it was only natural that a Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace was a focal point in her own garden. The Schiedel Garden Fireplace is made from natural pumice building blocks, which are sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland and compressed into natural insulating blocks. This means that you can have a roaring fire on the inside, without the outer blocks becoming hot. Therefore the external render can take any form the user likes, and can even be stencilled or painted.

The hands on approach saw Lynne put together the fireplace in a matter of hours with help from friends. The rendering was soon added and, within a few days, the garden was transformed in a natural way.

A natural fireplace to use all year round. More information can be found on Lynne’s Facebook page, as well as her Instagram feed.

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