Isokern Pumice Liner installation in a thatched property

A fantastic piece of work by Billing Chimneys, which saw an Isokern Pumice Liner installed with the construction of a register plate to support the liners.

Billing Chimneys made a purpose built adaptor within the register plate that connected the stove’s flue pipe to the liner. Despite the extensive work, all areas were quickly restored to their original state.

Billings chose Isokern in this particular situation because of it’s longevity, durability and excellent insulation. The insulation was very important because it kept the inside of the flue hot, but also prevented damage from any external heat transfer into the adjacent structure.  Pumice liners have the following key benefits:

  • Lightweight materials, which are easy to use, handle and cut
  • Highly insulating pumice is natural for better draw and minimum heat loss
  • 600mm and 1000mm lengths means it’s quick to install, with 15 flue sizes available
  • It also has three angles of bends to allow for maximum versatility.
  • Excellent resistance to temperature variations
  • CE certified to EN1857 with the designation T450, N2, D, 3, G.

The inglenook fireplace saw it’s original stove replaced with a Dovre 2000 stove (11kw output), and as you can see, it’s an impressive job from Billing Chimneys, who are a family run company, established for over 35 years with a fantastic reputation for professional workmanship. They specialise in thatch property chimney linings, stove installations and flue maintenance and are HETAS registered.