nZEB compliant airtight wood burning stove system.

All new buildings from 2020 onwards have to be “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings”.

Put simply, the energy performance has to be classified as  “nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby”

What does this actually mean?

Alongside building insulation levels, windows and doors insulation, thermal bridging, solar shading and efficient lighting, the following are also key requirements:

  • Airtightness standards are been  introduced including mandatory airtightness test on every building
  • Renewables will need to cover a substantial part of energy use

Schiedel provide solutions for airtight buildings including our future proof stove solution.

Sirius stove system – airtight and fully nZEB compliant.

This is where our Sirius stove system comes in. The log burning stove has the highest efficiency rating with clearSkies Level 5 and also Defra Exempt, which means in the UK it’s allowed to be installed in smoke control urban areas. 

Appliances in the United Kingdom which show the clearSkies mark have been independently certified by the Scheme administrator, confirming that they meet or exceed the forthcoming Ecodesign Regulations. Level 5 is the highest possible.

The ‘Sirius’ stove, combined with our special concentric flue, is a certified room-sealed appliance capable of providing combustion air without the need of further ventilation within the room.

The ‘Permeter Smooth Air’ concentric systems has a 316L stainless steel inner liner for high temperatures and a pressure tight 304 stainless steel outer pipe which draws the combustion air from outside, through the insulated annular gap between the inner and outer pipes.

This combination of stove and flue allows more flexibility when positioning a wood burning stove within your home.  No more need for underground piping or holes drilled in walls to provide combustion air during the planning or construction phases.  You can now put the wood burning  stove wherever you want.




Schiedel provides a complete solution and the Schiedel Protect Box provides a safe and secure solution when installing a stainless steel System Chimney through an air tight house. This allows the steel chimney to pass through floors and roofs safely, without compromising efficiency.

Suitable for hot or cold roofs, ceilings and floors, the Schiedel Protect Box is used in combination with an EPDM flashing kit, allowing the chimney to pass through an air tight membrane. 

The Schiedel Protect Box can be used straight or at an angle, simply cut on site to the correct degree.



Another product designed specifically for air tight, energy efficient and timber framed buildings. 

Ignis Protect is CE approved and can be used to pass through both interior and exterior timber-frame walls, available in both 90 and 45 degree versions, up to the temperature class T600.

Ignis Protect features include:

  • It can be used and is compliant with regulations without any additional protection
  • Small, unobtrusive external dimensions measuring just 565 x 700mm (which perfectly fits a standard wood stud wall)
  • Monolithic component is made up of mineral wool to building material class A1
  • Removable pipe sections
  • Designed to reach a maximum of 100c surface temperature should a soot fire occur

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