Prima Smooth swaged starter pipe with locator bead.

The swaged starter pipe with an inward locator  bead on the male spigot is used on stoves which have no built in stop point within the stove spigot to prevent a standard pipe from dropping down inside the stove. The outward bead of the starter section rests on the spigot and the inward bead on the male spigot of the starter section acts as a location point for fire rope stopping it from dropping off the spigot over time.

Features Benefits
Outward bead at the top of the male spigot Allows the pipe to locate on top of the stove spigot and provides an aesthetic finish
Inward bead on the male spigot Acts as an installer friendly location point for fire rope ensuring the gasket does not drop out
Smooth female socket Provides aesthetic finish and interfits with standard Prima Smooth components
316L Grade Stainless Steel Tested and approved for corrosion resistance
SAP codes, dimensions and list pricing
Int Ø 125 150
A 122 147
B 131 156
SAP Code 176014 176015

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