Protecting efficiency

In the future, all new homes will have to be built to certain levels of air tightness, and with stoves making a significant contribution to cutting fuel bills in these properties, it’s essential that efficiency is not compromised.

The Schiedel Protect Box provides a safe and secure solution when installing a stainless steel System Chimney through an air tight house, allowing the steel chimney to pass through floors and roofs safely, without compromising efficiency. Recognised at June 2016’s Hearth and Home exhibition as runner up in the Fireplace and Flue category, the Schiedel Protect Box is the ideal solution for energy efficient dwellings.

Suitable for hot or cold roofs, ceilings and floors, the Schiedel Protect Box is used in combination with an EPDM flashing kit, allowing the chimney to pass through an air tight membrane. Made from Rockwool tube bound with an aluminum laminate outer layer, the 100mm outer skin of rockwool insulation ensures safe distance to combustible materials, whilst the EPDM flashing grips the outer case of the 50 mm insulated chimney section, creating an air tight seal. The edges of the EPDM flashing are then sealed onto the air tight membrane using the special tape provided in the kit.

The Schiedel Protect Box can be used straight or at an angle, simply cut on site to the correct degree.

Schiedel Protect Box benefits:

  • Allows for extremely air tight construction
  • Compatible with loft insulation up to 700mm depth
  • Meets blower door test
  • Constructed using high temperature resistant Rockwool
  • Aluminium laminate outer surface
  • Zero distance to combustibles

David Wright, Residential Sales and Marketing Manager for Schiedel Chimney System, said: “The Schiedel Protect Box is the ideal addition to our product range, designed to ensure that Stainless Steel System Chimneys are fully compatible for use on wood burning stoves running through modern, energy efficient homes.”

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