Sirius stove component update: Adjustable starter and firestop plates

Schiedel have added components to enhance our Sirius stove installations.

Both are easy to install and include the Sirius version of the award winning adjustable starter section, as well as a reduced size firestop plate to make it easier for installers to work with.

Adjustable starter section for Sirius stove installations

Designed for easy installation and removal for inspection. Our awarding winning adjustable starter section is now available for the Sirius stove as an easy and quick way of disconnecting the Sirius stove for inspection, as well as being very easy to install.

The process involves inserting the male spigot of the liner into the appliance spigot, sealing it, re-inserting the insulation wrap around the liner spigot and then simply sliding down the case to cover the stove spigot. Removal for servicing and re-installation is just as easy and is the same process in reverse, with one additional final step, which is to loosen the locking band on the liner to be able to slide the liner up out of the appliance spigot, so the appliance can be moved.

Features Benefits
Adjustable case. Sliding case allows for easy installation and removal for inspection and maintenance.
Adjustable liner Fixed in position on delivery with a locking band. By loosening the locking band, the liner can slide up to allow for it to be disconnected from the appliance spigot for servicing etc
Lightweight Easy to handle.
316L Stainless steel finish. Corrosion-resistant.
600mm effective length Allows combination with an inspection pipe with draft test point in the living room for cleaning access and testing
SAP codes, dimensions
Int Ø 125
Length 600mm
SAP Code 175710

Permeter Smooth Air ventilated firestop plate for Sirius stove installations

The ventilated firestop plate is used where Permeter Smooth Air will be running through a bedroom or other living space where the chimney will be enclosed in a shaft. 

The slots in the fire stop plate are designed to allow for air to move freely around the chimney and prevent heat from building up within an enclosed space. The slot pattern is specific to Schiedel Permeter Smooth Air and the system has been tested and approved to BS EN 1856-1 and BS 476 Part 20.

Firestop technical details

Features Benefits
Ventilated slot pattern Ensures sufficient air movement to prevent heat build up when running through combustible floors
Circular slot pattern Allows the installer to use the outside ring to create the correct hole size when penetrating the ceiling
Optimised slot pattern Ensures flames can not penetrate through the slots in case of a fire within the sitting room
Black painted To match the Permeter Smooth Air product finish
Colour Black
Int Ø 150
SAP Code 173118

Installation example

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Sirius Stove and Chimney System Package

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Sirius Stove Operating Manual

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