The House of Alchemy – A Garden Fireplace project.

A stunning house with a stunning garden design.

The House of Alchemy is a house project in Scotland by Jennifer Devaney. The decision was made to use the 500 model of the Garden Fireplace, which is ideal for all yard and garden type areas. The pumice used for this fireplace is natural volcanic pumice, sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland. Hekla, located in the southern part of Iceland, first erupted in the year 1104, and continues to be one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland. For those who believe in folklore, Hekla is supposedly the “Gateway to Hell”, a story no doubt originating due to the spectacular vision of those ancient eruptions from the coastline.

The plan was to completely transform the garden into a bohemian style to match the house itself.

The Garden Fireplace was quickly installed by Jennifer and her team and rendered. But the most exciting part was that this was modelled in her unique style, using a suitable weatherproof paint. The outer casing was stencilled and painted making this version one of the most spectacular designs ever seen, which takes the ethos and the feeling of the wonderful old building.

Volcanic pumice, as it’s highly insulated, can be placed near combustible materials with a minimal air gap depending on the model chosen. The Schiedel Garden Fireplace can be freestanding, raised or built against a wall, which, along with its relatively small footprint, makes it perfect for any gardens.

A fireplace brought to life with a spectacular design. More details about The House of Alchemy can be found on the Facebook page and Instagram.

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