Why architects and contractors need to tackle the chimney blind spot in data centre construction.

Request your free copy of the report here!

Request your free copy here!

What is a whitepaper report?

A whitepaper report is an in-depth report covering a specific topic and the complications that surround it.

Why have we commissioned this report?

Over the years Schiedel have supported hundreds of customers when it comes to installing commercial chimney systems in data centres. – particularly large scale, complex projects.

What we have found is that issues encountered on these projects are often due to the lack of involvement from experts earlier on in the planning process. Also ,quite often, Contractors and Project Managers aren’t 100% certain who is responsible for involving third parties to cover the commercial chimney system element.

We have commissioned this report for industry professionals involved with data centre construction. The report aims to highlight where data centre projects can go wrong and the vast costs associated by not seeking industry expertise from the very beginning.


  • Introduction
  • Why It Matters – Delays, Penalties and Downtime
  • Getting It Right – The Critical Path
  • End to End – What The Critical Path Provides
  • What Does ‘Good’ Look Like?
  • Conclusion


Our team of in-house industry experts have come together to contribute to this report. Members from various departments including technical, sales, marketing and product development have collaborated in order to provide as much input and industry knowledge as possible.

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