Biomass Boiler Starter Kits

There is a increasing use of Biomass boilers for commercial and residential situations, but what is a Biomass boiler? Biomass as a definition means “fuel from living and non-living plant material”

Put simply, a Biomass boiler is similar to a normal oil or gas boiler, but instead of instead of gas or oil, it uses pellets formed from wood, industrial waste and high energy crops, and like a normal boiler, it can control the amount of fuel being burned. Unlike gas, coal and oil, which are depleting resources, biomass can be cycled, so the amount of carbon emitted during burning is offset by the planting of trees.

With the increase in interest and the obvious positive environmental impact, we’ve put together two Starter Packs for use with Biomass installations.

  1. Pack 1 comes with a 135° tee and is designed for appliances with a top or rear outlet.
  2. Pack 2 comes with a 90° tee and is designed for appliances with a rear outlet only.

Biomass Starter Kits

More information is available in our ICS Brochure, which you can download by clicking here.

We also have a case study for a commercial Biomass installation at Lochaber School, please click here to read it.

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