Break free from the gas and electricity energy grid, with highly efficient wood burning stoves.

Gas and electricity prices don’t look as if they are coming down anytime soon. Customers who installed a wood burning stove recently have reaped the benefits of avoiding huge energy bills, by choosing to heat their main rooms using naturally sourced and renewable wood. 

Wood logs: renewable source of fuel – and cheaper than gas / electricity.

Wood logs are now the cheapest domestic heating fuel, and using a modern wood burning stove also costs 29% less to run than an air source heat pump. Wood fuel has the lowest carbon intensity of any domestic heating fuel. Wood logs are 87% less carbon intensive than gas, 88% less than electricity and 74% less than an air source heat pump. However, it’s critical to use low moisture content wood.

Working together with heat pumps.

Heat pumps seem to be prominent in the future of heating. However, there are a few concerns about having them as a dedicated source of heat for your home.

Heat pumps will work in cold weather, even down to -15 C degrees, but with current environmental conditions which cause sudden drops in temperatures (like just before Christmas) – then the heat pumps don’t always cope and have to compensate by drawing on more electricity. 

The reason for this is that flow and return water temperatures on a heat pump run between 45 – 40 degrees whereas a gas boiler typically runs 70 flow and 60 return. This creates the efficiency as it requires less energy to reach optimal temperatures, however, on colder days will take longer to adapt to lower temperatures – therefore ironically being less efficient on cold days as it needs more energy and therefore cost.

For instant heat, nothing really can better a sustainable Ecodesign, log burning stove. Installation costs for stoves vary, depending on your property type, but they are considerably less than a heat pump.

For heat pumps, grants are available, but even with those, you are looking at between £8000 – £10000. Long term there will be a reduction in energy costs, plus the cost of installation will invariably come down – but not any time soon.

When installing heat pumps, planning and research is needed, as well as planning permission (in Wales and Northern Ireland) and there will be significant disruption. Not everyone has space in their outdoor area as well.

In comparison to a gas boiler, the heat pump has a number of advantages including reduced maintenance and safety. They are also efficient, far more than a gas boiler and can also provide cooling as well as heating.

However, as a sole source of heat, it doesn’t deliver the amount of heat required on extremely cold days. Adding a secondary source, such as a log burning stove system, such as the Schiedel range of stoves in a self build, or major renovation means that even on the coldest days, there is less reliance on the energy network, considering the extreme costs incurred over the last few years.

Modern Eco Design stoves from Schiedel. 

Modern Eco Design stoves from Schiedel, the leading manufacturer of stoves and chimney systems in Europe, are the solution for secondary heating, reducing the need for gas and electricity when looking at heating the home.

  • No adverse health impacts from exposure to the indoor air typically associated with modern, enclosed wood-burning stoves.
  • No evidence of the association between indoor wood burning exposure and asthma risk in developed countries.
  • Improved air quality inside the home due to the natural draught created during wood stove operation
  • Other sources of particulate matter in the home, such as cooking, candle and incense burning, can release much higher levels of PM compared to modern, enclosed wood-burning stoves.

A set of new all-in-one packages from a Schiedel ticks all the right boxes.

Volcanic pumice building blocks with the Celsius. An all-in-one package ideal for major house building projects.

The modern portrait insert stove offers a large glass window and looks stylish in any development. More importantly, the specifications are above and beyond any similar style package on the market.

The chimney blocks are formed from natural pumice sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland so it’s no surprise that the building blocks for this safe chimney system will last a lifetime. 

Hekla, located in the southern part of Iceland, first erupted in the year 1104, and continues to be one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland. For those who believe in folklore, Hekla is supposedly the “Gateway to Hell”, a story no doubt originating due to the spectacular vision of those ancient eruptions from the coastline.

  • A+ rating, which means the efficiency is excellent.
  • Zero distance installation next to combustible material.
  • clearSkies Level 5, which is the highest that can be achieved.
  • Defra exempt, which means it can be installed in smoke control areas and is listed on the Defra website.
  • Eco-design 2022, which is the standard required for all devices by 2022, is achieved and exceeded now.
  • Passes stringent European testing: 

Sirius freestanding. Ideal for any type of building project or retrofit.

The Sirius stove itself is a freestanding appliance with a contemporary style and can boast the highest possible rating you can get with a wood burning stove.

From a design perspective, the chimney flue pipe is an airtight solution, meaning no ventilation holes need to be created in the walls, therefore minimising the build. The external air for the stove comes through the chimney itself which has three internal concentric rings.

Ideal for timber framed buildings, outhouses, and log cabins.

This also means that the flue pipe has an excellent distance to combustibles for timber framed buildings, meaning you don’t have to worry about the outer pipe heating too much when it passes next to wood frame areas. And when it passes through ceilings, the extra components in the package allow safe passage.

  • A+ rating, which means the efficiency is excellent.
  • clearSkies Level 5, which is the highest which can be achieved.
  • Defra exempt, which means it can be installed in smoke control areas and is listed on the Defra website.
  • Eco-design 2022, which is the standard required for all devices by 2022, is achieved and exceeded now.
  • Highest European and National StandardsTwo additions to the portfolio.

Model 1 and 3 stoves – our newest models.

Both these stoves are wood burning stoves and include a front window, self closing door. The Model 3 has two side windows for additional heat dispersal.

The stoves are compatible with Schiedel twin wall systems and will be sold as packages as well as standalone.

  • Both models are Defra exempt and clearSkies rated.
  • Heat sustainably and CO2-neutrally with local firewood, independent of international electricity, gas and oil suppliers. 
  • Thanks to high-quality manufacturing and optimal combustion chamber construction, the Sargas woodburning stove offers high energy efficiency: Class A+ environmentally friendly combustion tested according to DIN EN 13240
  • Simple, air-cooled door handle and self closing door
  • Simple operation with one lever for both primary and secondary combustion air
  • Adjustable legs for uneven floors Future proof

An all-in-one combined system easy to install.

The advantage of choosing stoves from Schiedel is that the flue system and stove system are provided by the same company. There’s nothing that can replace the convenience and romance of a wood burning stove, so Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd have devised a comprehensive package that means you can feature a stunning stove when designing or refreshing your home.

Complete stove AND chimney package, designed for house builders and developers – no additional parts or materials needed

What is “DEFRA Exempt” or “DEFRA Approved”?

DEFRA (Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) has strict guidelines on emissions. If a stove or appliance passes these emission level restrictions, then they appear on the official website as “appliances that meet specific criteria”, which our wood burning stoves pass with flying colours. Schiedel stoves are officially listed on the DEFRA website.

If you have house project drawings or designs, then feel free to send them in for advice.

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