Housing developments built with wood burning stoves and ceramic flues.

Wood burning stoves are needed to offset the high energy prices.

With a house building boom due to the lack of housing, plus the combined shock of energy prices – building houses with secondary heating, such as stoves, has returned to the forefront.

Wood-burning stoves are now highly efficient and designed to offset any carbon they release into the atmosphere. Eco-friendly, modern stoves are why Rose Builders decided to add stoves and chimneys to their housing development in Lawford Green. In addition, various houses within the site had the option of adding a wood-burning stove with a built-in chimney.

If you are a house developer / builder, then we have a number of options in order to add a chimney system to a house development - Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help

Solutions with Specflue.

Working alongside our Isokern experts in Poole, Specflue developed specific ceramic flue packages designed for different property types. The ceramic bundles were a solution provided to Rose Builders, UK experts in house building and property development.

Specflue is one of the leading distributors for Schiedel components. They were founded in 1992, specialising in the stocking and UK distribution of Scheidel’s pre-fabricated chimney and flue systems.

Located in Sudbury, Suffolk, with depots in Honiton, Castleford and Stirling, their network of locations allows Specflue to efficiently service most of the UK with their fleet of vehicles.

Schiedel and Specflue worked together to devise various ceramic chimney package options for a two-storey installation. Looking ahead, we can collaborate to formulate ready-made packages with all components for any house style.

Rose Builders found this was an effortless way of adding secondary heating to their house style, with the chimney incorporated as part of the build.

Specflue and Schiedel are a real asset to our new homes, great customer service from both.

Rose Builders

Features of ceramic chimneys.

  • Resistant to temperature change
    The liners are durable and tested for soot, fire and condensate resistance. They meet the latest CE standards and Construction Product Regulation (CPR).
  • Cost effective and reduces gas heating bills
    Ideal for homes where you require a cost-effective, safe and simple system. Using log-burning stoves reduces the need to heat homes with radiators, therefore less reliance on increasing gas heating bills.
  • Lightweight
    Due to advanced manufacturing techniques, we have reduced the liner’s wall thickness to produce the optimal lightweight but highly robust product, which is natural and environmentally friendly.

Other great features of using ceramic liners:

  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid, and biomass.
  • Wide range of accessories to suit numerous installations.
  • Suitable for high-temperature and low-temperature applications.
  • Full compliance with the latest CE standards and Construction Products Regulations (CPR).
  • There is no need for a flexible steel liner, as they should only be used to RELINE an existing chimney. Flexible liners should not be used to line a new chimney!

Ecodesign stoves: A safer, cleaner alternative to gas heating.

Modern Ecodesign stoves are the solution for secondary heating, reducing the need for gas and electricity when looking at heating the home.

The Stove Industry Alliance is active in pushing the benefits of using a stove. Their research (backed by scientific evidence) shows that having a stove and chimney has many benefits and ecological features.

  • No adverse health impacts from exposure to the indoor air typically associated with modern, enclosed wood-burning stoves
  • No evidence of the association between indoor wood burning exposure and asthma risk in developed countries.
  • Improved air quality inside the home due to the natural draught created during wood stove operation
  • Other sources of particulate matter in the home, such as cooking, candle and incense burning, can release much higher levels of PM compared to modern, enclosed wood-burning stoves.

More information on this can be found in the Stove Industry Alliance page.


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