Schiedel Installation Assistant App

A useful guide with all the technical information you need.

This app was designed for installers to have all the information they require in a few quick clicks, rather than having to carry paperwork during the stove/chimney installation process.

  • Quick and straightforward reference for installers.
  • Video breakdowns of each stage of the installation process, from connection to the appliance through to termination.
  • Highlighting the safety critical areas where the chimney penetrates the floors, ceilings, roof and walls.
  • Incorporates frequently asked questions information at each stage of the installation process, in line with building regulations.
  • An easy-to-use system for downloading full product information and installation instructions.
  • Register your Guarantee in the App.

The app is available as a Google Play app and can be downloaded from the store.

The app is also available for Apple devices running iOS.

Contact us for more information about the Schiedel Installation Assistant App.

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