We’ve made the Installer Rewards scheme easier to use for installers and homeowners.

Installers can now easily register on behalf of their customers, with the amount of data required reduced drastically, while homeowners who register their own products can easily do so with minimal information.

Installers will still receive points whether they register for a customer, or a customer does themselves.


Why has the scheme changed?

We have hundreds of installers on our scheme, but we’ve also had numbers of homeowners contacting us as installers not on the scheme haven’t registered their installations.

Changing it so homeowners, as well as installers can register means every Schiedel installation is correctly registered and guaranteed.

I want to keep registering as I have done in the past

You can. Simply visit the page and register as an installer and continue as you have done in the past.

Why is there less information to add?

One of the complaints was the amount of info to add to each installation, so we’ve drastically reduced it to save you a huge amount of time

What if a homeowner doesn’t add my correct email so I miss out on points?

You can track your installations, so if one hasn’t been added then you can chase up, or even add the installation on their behalf.

Why can’t I redeem points using one website instead of two?

We are working on combining the new system to show you your points and allow you to redeem. This will be a later development.

When do I get my Love2Shop vouchers?

We will do this quarterly now and most of it will eventually be automatic, so you will receive the link to the vouchers each quarter without having to redeem.

Is the value of the installations still the same?

There are 3 points for each installation – this is an average based on all the installs we’ve had over the last few years.

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