Choosing the Right Chimney Flue for your Stove.

There are various Chimney Systems available from Schiedel when installing a stove. Our useful brochure will help the installer decide on the best option.

There are essentially two parts to an effective chimney for a stove:

  1. The Connecting Flue Pipe, connecting the stove to the chimney system or flexible liner.
  2. The main chimney system, which can be composed of either:-
    A Chimney Liner (Rigid or Flexible) in an existing masonry chimney or
    A System Chimney (Twin Wall Insulated) for a new building or for retrofit where the building does not have an existing chimney.

The purpose of this booklet is to guide you to the correct product for your stove. It shows examples with detailed 3D diagrams of typical installations from all our range.[/vc_column_text]

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The range includes Prima Smooth, which a stainless steel connecting flue pipe for use as an attractive and functional alternative to vitreous enamel. The joints in the pipe are formed to give the appearance of a smooth continuous length from the stove through to the System Chimney or Chimney Liner.

TecnoFlex Plus is the leading twin skin flexible liner for solid fuel and wood burning appliances. Unique to Tecnoflex Plus is the NEW range of screw fit
adaptors and terminals.

ICID is a twin wall system chimney specifically designed for stoves. A key feature of the system is the easy to install twist lock connections. A full range of accessories is available linking ICID with the other products in the Stove Range, as well as introducing the new aesthetically designed ventilated firestop plates for use in the living room.

Schiedel Isokern DM block system is a high quality System Chimney for use on New Build Housing projects. DM is fully tested and approved to BS EN1858 for uses as a system chimney. Schiedel Pumice Flue Liner can be used for new-build, extensions and relining existing chimneys. The liner is available in 15 different sizes.

For more details, don’t hesitate to download the brochure, email us on or call 0191 4161150